Silence - Thoughts about You

The Silence - Thoughts about You

Исполнитель: Silence
Релиз: Thoughts about You
Год: 2020
Просмотров: 2
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Текст песни Silence - Thoughts about You

World’s greatest punishment is not being able to talk
When there’s someone who can not listen to you
Screaming for the name, but no one can hear your pain
Despair and sadness will take a control over you
Silence… that sweet bicentric question
Ripping through your unremitting thoughts
Rope wrapped tightly around your growling mind
Keeping them packed in a jar with perpetual wafer
Cover your eyes, true lies can make you blind
All your senses are numb, you are petrified
There they come to take everything away
All the precious you have had in your life
Here they are, but you are just way too late
All you have left is a scream in silence
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